Fitness Builds Something More Than Just Muscle

When people think of fitness, they typically think of hard workouts, lots of sweat, and the pain of soreness for the next couple days after - doesn't sound so great on the surface does it :/

Fortunately, if you look FURTHER into the benefits of fitness, you'll find that these benefits span MUCH further than just getting a good sweat in. While there's tons of physical benefits to working out, I'm going to cover one way that fitness can COMPLETELY change your life as a whole. I know it can, because it changed mine completely.

Fitness Builds Discipline

Working out is hard, it's physically demanding and can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable. Most people quit or don't even start due this feeling of being uncomfortable and in pain. But I promise you, this constant placement of the self in an uncomfortable and painful state builds more than just the body - it builds the mind.

You've probably heard the quote "get comfortable with being uncomfortable", well that's exactly how fitness works! And believe it or not, your body is equipped to be able to be uncomfortable ALL THE TIME! I'm not saying you should workout all day every day, but what I am saying is that your body is already prepped to take on the stimulus of working out - it's actually your mind 's ability to push through that will determine whether or not you will kill it in your next workout or give up on your goals.

By sticking to a solid workout routine, by consistently putting your body through the uncomfortable experience, not only are you building the discipline that's required to keep that momentum rolling, but that discipline will also spill over into other facets of your life! It could show in the consistency of your study habits, the quality of output in your work, or even how much you'll show up within your relationships.

Everything is improved, simply by developing the discipline to stick to a workout routine.

You may not believe me, and I totally get that, but it's that non-belief that is holding you back. It's that non-belief that is keeping you from becoming better. It's that non-belief that is keeping your from building the discipline that will ultimately help you achieve everything you want in life.

Fitness is more than just building the exterior version of yourself, it's about building the interior version of yourself.

It's about building the discipline, confidence, and volition that's required to become something great.

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